Our team of legal assistants at Sabbeth Law is outstanding. Each of them contributes to the high level of client care we are able to provide. They have proven themselves indispensable and we’re lucky to have them!

Get to know our team:

Crystal Hiliker, Legal Assistant and Office Manager

Crystal has worked directly with attorney Michael J. Sabbeth for several years, shouldering the myriad important administrative duties required to take pressure off of our clients’ shoulders. She deftly navigates the matrix of medical records, medical bill processing, coordinating with care providers, addressing liens, and countless other responsibilities inherent to handling personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.

Crystal is a great asset on our team because she simply gets things done.  When a brick wall appears out of nowhere, she doesn’t turn back, but figures out a way around it. Of equal importance, she is exceptionally sensitive, responsive, and caring to the needs of our clients.


Victoria Richardson, Legal Assistant

Victoria is a lifelong Vermonter who is dedicated to helping the people of Northern New England. In her duties as a legal assistant, she regularly performs difficult tasks such as identifying and tracking down insurance carriers, securing medical records, addressing liens, and generally being a kind and caring resource for our clients. Dedicated and tenacious, Victoria looks forward to assisting our clients and meeting the challenges that present themselves throughout those processes.


Marcy Hall, Legal Assistant & Support

As the newest member of the team, Marcy is committed to learning the ins and outs of all aspects of the role of Legal Assistant and beyond. She values honesty and fairness and is meticulous in her attention to detail regarding your case. With a passion for investigative work, she is determined to help get you the best outcome for your case.