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"Sabbeth Law exists to help you pick up the pieces after an injury, and recover your losses "

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Our job is to protect our clients and get them full and fair compensation. Protecting our clients doesn’t mean simply protecting them against the insurance companies, employers, or whomever may be trying to “get over” on them. It also means to protect them against the overwhelming stress that so often accompanies these claims. We work tirelessly to minimize the stress associated with injury cases.

We work to manage our clients’ medical bills, insurance, and handle all communications with defendants and their representatives. Read More

What I observed working with Mike is not only his enormous heart, but his skillful way of helping his clients tell their story. In the case we did together, our client suffered terrible damages that included things that frankly are not easy to talk about - the loss of feeling below the belt and everything that this disability entails, including embarrassing and very personal details. Our client is a proud person with an amazingly positive outlook. He is not a complainer or the kind of man that can easily talk about difficult, embarrassing and painful realities in his life. Mike understood this. He took his time. He found a way for the client to be able to open up. Without the love, tenaciousness and skill that Mike demonstrated, I truly don’t think that the client would have been able to tell his story as fully and as beautifully as he did. It made a huge difference. -Joe Fried



Vehicle accidents are not all the same. Crashes involving 18-wheelers or semi-trucks are more complex, more difficult to navigate, and require special expertise. You need an injury team on your side that knows the best way to build a strong case – and that’s what you’ll find at Sabbeth law.

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We specialize in handling truck accident cases and we know what it takes get you ALL the compensation you deserve.
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We specialize in workers’ compensation, auto accident and all types of personal injury cases throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

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