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"Sabbeth Law exists to help you pick up the pieces after an injury, and recover your losses "

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Our job is to protect our clients and get them full and fair compensation. Protecting our clients doesn’t mean simply protecting them against the insurance companies, employers, or whomever may be trying to “get over” on them. It also means to protect them against the overwhelming stress that so often accompanies these claims. We work tirelessly to minimize the stress associated with injury cases.

We work to manage our clients’ medical bills, insurance, and handle all communications with defendants and their representatives. Read More

Michael Sabbeth was my lawyer in my accident case against the other driver and the company he worked for. I know it could not bring back my beautiful friend but he sure did do one heck of a job for me. He is an honest person and does not keep anything from you and he tells it like it is. I have seen him go from a quiet person to a very fierce person when he could not get the other lawyers to agree. It was very hot that day in that little room where we gathered for Mediation. It was almost to hard to take. But MICHAEL SABBETH IS A FIGHTER AND HE DOES NOT LIKE TO LOSE. If I needed to have a lawyer again, it would be Mike. -Laura Robinson

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We specialize in workers’ compensation, auto accident and all types of personal injury cases throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

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