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What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

“What is my Vermont personal injury case worth?”

“What is the actual value of my New Hampshire personal injury case?”

These are among the most often asked questions, and understandably so.  Our clients are typically facing mounting medical bills, lost time from work, and are dealing with daily pain limitations.  However, this question is impossible to answer until all aspects of your case have been thoroughly fleshed out.  That process includes quantifying all future harms and losses, financial or otherwise.

No two cases have the same value.  For example, let’s say that Jane Doe and Maggie Smith are involved in different motor vehicle collisions in different parts of the state on the same day.  Remarkably, everything about their collisions are identical:  They were both t-boned at an intersection by individuals who ran their stop signs.  In fact, both of the individuals who ran their stop signs were driving the same type of cars — as were Jane and Maggie.  Even more remarkable, all parties were traveling at the same speed, and had the same exact points of impact. Jane Doe and Maggie Smith suffer the exact same injuries.  They’re the same age.  They undergo the exact same medical treatment and have the exact same medical bills.

So, this is easy.  Their personal injury cases are worth the exact same, right?  Wrong.

What we don’t know are the personal differences between Jane and Maggie.  Don’t forget, as some personal injury lawyers do, that this is a personal injury case, not merely an injury case.  A quick look at some of Jane and Maggie’s relevant differences might go as follows:

Jane Doe is the mother of three children, and the injuries have severely hurt her ability care for them.  This has led to extreme levels of stress at home, in her marriage, and in her relationship with her children.  Her family has also incurred extra expenses of additional day care.  Jane Doe’s husband may have a considerable increase in his duties as she is injured, such as taking Jane to medical appointments, adding her chores to his, and simply enduring the loss of comfort and intimacy they’re used to.  Thus, Jane’s husband will also have a derivative claim for loss of Jane’s service, support, and consortium.

Maggie Smith is single, has no children, but is a high wage earner and was in line for a promotion prior to the collision.  Maggie missed time from work which caused her significant lost wages and maybe even caused her to miss out on her promotion.  This is likely to affect her career trajectory going forward in numerous ways, which will also affect her emotionally.

The way these losses are valued are different.  The personal effects on Jane and Maggie are different.  Their harms and losses are different.  This is true even though everything about their collisions and physical injuries are exactly the same.  Again, there would be many other differences between the Jane and Maggie that would affect how their respective cases are valued.  And they all matter.

How do we learn what your personal injury case is worth?

The following link will give you some insight into how we build and determine the value of your personal injury case:

A personal injury attorney must know everything he can about who his clients are and how their lives have been affected.  A personal injury attorney who has not undertaken that process will not be able to do their job.  This is an attorney who is not going to be able to make sure you get full and fair compensation.  This may well be an attorney who’s interested in turning a high volume of cases as quickly and cheaply as possible.  Maybe it’s an attorney who is so out of court practice they he just doesn’t know how to properly work up a case.  Whichever or whatever, you can be sure he won’t be able tell you what your personal injury case is worth because he doesn’t know how to find the value and certainly is not capable of getting it.  The client is the one to lose out in this dynamic.

If you’re reading this now, you or a loved one has likely been injured at work or due to the negligence of another individual or corporation.  So, the one response I can provide you to the question of “what is my personal injury case worth,” with absolute certainty and without reservation is this:  If another attorney tells you what your claim is worth based on the square, basic facts of your case, thank them for their time and cross them off of your list.

This information should arm you with valuable knowledge into the process of bringing real value to your personal injury case.  And there are plenty good trial, injury and workers’ compensation attorneys in Vermont and New Hampshire.   You’re just not likely to find them while watching your favorite show on TV.  Online research goes a long way to finding skilled Vermont and New Hampshire workers’ compensation and personal injury trial lawyers.

When Sabbeth Law agrees to take on a case, we are able to get some sense of value after our initial investigation.  However, we are always extremely forthright about the valuation process.  And we can promise the clients we accept that we will expertly guide that process, leave no stone unturned, and do what it takes to achieve the highest possible value for your case.

There are many other resources on this site that will help you understand the process of bringing a personal injury or workers’ compensation case in Vermont or New Hampshire.  This site can act as a resource to help you understand your rights and potential pitfalls, and allow you to make an informed decision.

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If you want to discuss the potential value of your claim and how we would build your case so that you receive full and fair compensation, call me at 1.802.457.1112 or contact us confidentially through our website.  We’re always here for you. If we do not take your case, we will be sure to point you in the right direction.