Lead attorney Michael Sabbeth represents personal injury clients in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

Sabbeth Law’s Mission

about-sabbeth-law Our job is to protect our clients and get them fair compensation. Protecting our clients doesn’t mean simply protecting them against the insurance companies, employers, or whomever may be trying to “get over” on them.  It also means to protect them against the overwhelming stress that so often accompanies these claims. We work tirelessly to minimize the stress associated with injury cases.  We work to manage our clients’ medical bills, insurance, and handle all communications with defendants and their representatives.

Psychological stress is known to bear direct affects on one’s ability to heal from their physical injuries.  We shoulder those responsibilities so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries and tending to your family.  That includes dealing with your health care providers to get your bills processed while your case is pending; or, in workers’ compensation cases, the work comp insurance carrier.  There is a lot more to a claim than just the monetary aspect.

We are often only left with a monetary settlement or verdict as compensation for our clients’ harms and losses.  However, at Sabbeth Law, we do our best to be there for the personal aspects of our clients’ needs throughout the entirety of their cases. Our clients are people — not numbers. Each client and case is different. And our firm seeks to service each of our clients as individuals.