Lead attorney Michael Sabbeth represents personal injury clients in both Vermont and New Hampshire.


Sabbeth Law’s Mission

Sabbeth Law places an emphasis on the study and practice of cutting edge trial practice to afford the best possible representation for our clients.  Utilizing the practice of running focus groups, the use of professional videography, medical illustration and animation, with vigorous study and year-round training in the practice of all forms of trial technique, separates Sabbeth Law from the fray.  These practices, as well as a distinct willingness to go the distance where many firms would take the easy path, has distinguished Sabbeth Law many other firms and has allowed the Sabbeth Law Team to secure its clients the best possible results.

Our mission is to protect our clients and get them full and fair compensation. Protecting our clients doesn’t mean simply protecting them against the insurance companies, employers, or whomever may be trying to “get over” on them.  It also means to protect them against the overwhelming stress that so often accompanies these claims. We work tirelessly to minimize the stress associated with injury cases.  We work to manage our clients’ medical bills, insurance, and handle all communications with defendants and their representatives.

Psychological stress is known to bear direct affects on one’s ability to heal from their physical injuries.  We shoulder those responsibilities so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries and tending to your family.  That includes dealing with your health care providers to get your bills processed while your case is pending; or, in workers’ compensation cases, the work comp insurance carrier.  There is a lot more to a claim than just the monetary aspect.

We are often only left with a monetary settlement or verdict as compensation for our clients’ harms and losses.  However, at Sabbeth Law, we do our best to be there for the personal aspects of our clients’ needs throughout the entirety of their cases. Our clients are people — not numbers. Each client and case is different. And our firm seeks to service each of our clients as individuals.

Our Approach

Attorney Sabbeth has spent many years going head to head against the insurance companies that refuse to perform the one basic function that society has paid them — while making the insurance companies ever more rich and powerful year after year — to perform:  to make people whole for losses they have suffered.  He has battled them in all types of personal injury  and workers’ compensation cases throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

If Sabbeth Law agrees to take your case, you can be certain it will get the time and attention needed to secure the best possible result.

How Sabbeth Law Approaches Your Personal Injury Claim: Your Personal Injury Claim is Personal

Attorney Sabbeth is unique to many other Vermont and New Hampshire personal injury lawyers in that he truly understands that no two injury cases are the same.  The case is always about the client.  It is their case — not the person with a similar injury that came before them, and not the next person who will walk through our doors.  That’s what makes personal injury cases personal.

More to the point, everyone is affected by their personal injury, workers’ compensation — or, God forbid, a wrongful death case on behalf of a loved on — differently.  Those differences are what make the injuries personal to our clients.  Learning those aspects of our clients’ losses is a hard job.  In fact, some times it can be emotionally and intellectually exhausting.   But if we hope to truly represent our clients, this part of the job is absolutely critical.

It is this process that allows Sabbeth Law to tell their clients’ stories — whether to an insurance adjuster, an attorney at mediation, or a jury at trial — and to allow the listener to truly understand, and hopefully feel, what our clients have been through.

You’re Not Just Another Number

There are other ways to handle a Vermont or New Hampshire personal injury case.  Some firms seek to take on lots of cases that get settled at below value.  In other words, quantity over quality.  There are also other ways to present a case to a jury, though the “quantity over quality” firms won’t likely ever see a jury.  In working for other firms and with other attorneys, Attorney Sabbeth has seen all modes of operation.  For business or other reasons, these methods do work — just not for the client.

Sabbeth Law knows its way of case management, and the principles that guide it, allows the strongest path to truly represent and respect the injured, while securing full and fair compensation.  It further garners the necessary respect from our opponents to resolve cases at the proper value and in a timely fashion.

The Insurance Companies’ Tactics

When an insurance company learns that it’s “insured” (that’s what they call the individual they provide insurance for) has negligently injured someone in Vermont or New Hampshire, and that the injured “someone” does not have an attorney, they pounce in any number of ways. Often they will contact the injured person, grossly misrepresent how damages work, and get them to sign off on an absurd settlement before the injured person is even done healing and while they are still incurring medical bills.

This allows the insurance company to get out of any significant damages they may be on the hook for, such as future medical treatment that can cause a tremendous financial burden on the injured party. It’s ugly business, and it’s effectively utilized by the insurance companies to avoid paying damages.  It’s one of many examples of a sophisticated insurance company taking advantage of the little guy who just wants to be made whole for his or her loss.

Often they will ask you for a recorded statement by phone or in person (we don’t allow our clients to give recorded statements to insurance companies). They may also use intimidation (we sure as heck don’t allow our clients to be intimidated). They have a number of tricks and tactics they use to make sure you won’t see fair and just compensation.

One of the opposite tactics they might use is to simply ignore you until you hopefully go away. This is a tactic they also use regularly, because, sadly, it is highly effective.  It’s not uncommon for people come to Sabbeth Law because they couldn’t get a call back from, or meaningful dialogue with, the insurance company adjuster who represents the party that negligently injured them.  It’s not a sole byproduct of the insurance company not caring about your bills and losses, but also a tactic to force you to give up.

The insurance companies have spent exorbitant amounts of money researching, learning. and refining these tactics.  And these tactics frequently work when they know an injured party has no expert legal recourse through skilled representation.

The insurance company’s job is, plain and simple, to underpay claims; or, better yet, to not payout on claims that call for compensation. It’s what they do every day. It’s what defines their success, and is what has caused these already massive insurance companies to become even more bloated and wealthy over time.

It’s what inspires us to push back and fight.

At Sabbeth Law, we deal with the auto insurance companies directly and effectively.  We make sure to hold them accountable and expertly guide the process to take the burden off of our clients’ shoulders.  We demand full and fair compensation for our clients. The insurance companies we go against know that Sabbeth Law will fight to get our clients full and fair compensation, and that, unlike some other firms, we take our cases to trial when necessary.

Sabbeth Law’s commitment is to secure full and fair compensation for our clients.  To do that, our work has to be more than just a job.

Sabbeth Law handles all types of personal injury cases and workers’ compensation cases.  And just like each client is different, so is each type of injury case. Click on the links below to learn more about the various types of injury cases and law we practice in Vermont and New Hampshire.

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