What Do Our Clients Say?

We’re proud to provide our clients with outstanding service. We listen and strive to understand each client’s unique needs. We then work hard for you to deliver the results you deserve. But don’t take our word for it – check out what our clients are saying about Sabbeth Law:

Michael Sabbeth represented me in a personal injury case as a result of an automotive accident I was involved in. He made me feel very comfortable at every meeting, took the time to explain the process and let me know what was going on in regards to my case and patiently answered any and all questions I had. He went above and beyond to ease my nerves and helped to remove the stress I was feeling. I felt my voice was heard and he worked hard to secure a fair and just settlement. He was extremely competent, trustworthy and genuinely cared. As a client, I was treated with respect, consideration, and compassion. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Personal Injury Service
January 16, 2016

When I came to Michael to help me with a products liability/personal injury claim a while back against a large corporation, I never thought I would actually win the case and be compensated for my struggles! Michael never stopped working for my benefit, putting in extra hours and time when necessary. Not only was he incredibly hardworking, but he knew the system inside and out. If there is a way to win your case, he is your guy- even if it looks bleak. He was incredibly helpful and was always willing to reach out if I needed it. It’s hard to find lawyers that are just as genuine as they are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of excellence. I’m so happy I had Michael on my side … If you have high standards, he’s your guy because I assure you, he’ll exceed them.

Product Liability
February 21, 2018

Immediately after my son’s injury at work, he was treated poorly. Over the course of the next few days it became even worse, so I called Mike and he and Crystal have been absolute lifesavers during the process. Mike is not your typical stuffed suit lawyer who only cares about the bottom line he genuinely cares about his clients and his assistant Crystal is beyond amazing! My thanks to you both!

Luke Parmenter
Work Injury Claim
February 21, 2017

I could never ask for a better attorney, to fight for me, to believe in me, and have faith in me, than what I found in Mike Sabbeth, He doesn’t treat you like a client, he treats you as if you are one of his own family members, He will fight for you, with all he has, and is ALWAYS up front and honest with you about everything!

Sandra Druge
Legal Services
January 26, 2018

Mike and Crystal are fantastic! They were both very attentive to my needs and always returned my calls. Mike really works to get you quick results and informs you on what’s going on every step of the way. Thank you Mike for being there for me at my worst. You made my healing process easier because I knew I was in good hands

Danielle Bonsanti
Legal Services
August 12, 2016

Attorney Sabbeth is one of the most personable and professional lawyers I have ever encountered. His attention to detail and ensuring that your best interests are served are excellent. Extremely hardworking and involved, to ensure positive outcomes.

Sarah Parker
Legal Services
December 23, 2015

Michael took the time to take my case, listen to what I had to say, and win a settlement in my favor.

Legal Services
January 7, 2016

Michael Sabbeth is an excellent Lawyer, he worked very hard on my case and did a big amount of research. He is very professional. I would hire him again and recommend him to other people.

Personal Injury Services
January 5, 2016

Took my case for me, worked tirelessly to get me compensation. He’s fantastic. His staff is fantastic. Always on top of things with my case, kept me informed, courteous, down to earth and professional, you won’t find a better lawyer than this guy right here. I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else in a situation as complex and stressful as personal injury. You shouldn’t either. They handled every aspect of my case from beginning to end and took a lot of the stress off of me so I could try to recover from my injury.

You’ll never be just a number with Mike, he takes your case very personally and will give your case 150%. I’m very happy with the representation I received and the compensation he got me. Thank you Mike! I appreciate and am so grateful for you!

Legal Services
December 28, 2015

I think Michael Sabbeth to be a fantastic person and lawyer. Upon my first meeting him, he put me at ease. Explained everything to me so that I understood it. Also patiently answered my questions. Michael made me feel confident to have him for my lawyer I was kept informed of all issues involving my case. A very compassionate, caring, understanding, hardworking individual.. He did everything he could to be able to get me the best settlement on my case.

Julia MacDonald
Personal Injury Services
June 7, 2016

Attorney Sabbeth and Crystal Honkala answered all my questions promptly and professionally. They stayed in constant contact so I always felt that my case was a priority with them. I hope I never need legal representation again but if I do I would contact their office

Legal Services
January 7, 2016

I hired Michael as my attorney for an auto accident that I was in. He was very professional and was extremely helpful. He was behind me all the way and that is what you want for your attorney. Thank you Michael! Good luck in your new office. Best. Ranice

Car Accident Injury Case
January 13, 2016

Sabbeth Law Firm is the very best, they care about their clients so much, they make you feel better about everything right away they have treated me so good, they go above and beyond for their clients Michael does not give up until he wins his cases, I thank god everyday that I found this Law Firm. 🙂

Angela Gates
Personal Injury Representation
June 16, 2016

Michael and crystal have been great. They respond very quickly with a call and emails. It’s been a lot easier on me and my husband with them handling our cases

Naomi Abbott-Darling
Personal Injury Services
June 7, 2016

Mr. Sabbeth and his staff were a pleasure to work with. They are honest and reliable and took my sons best interest to heart and made sure he got every thing he deserved after his accident!! I highly recommend Sabbeth Law for your choice if you’ve been injured. they fight for you the client and see that you are treated fairly!! Thank you Mike and Crystal!! Carin

Legal Services
June 7, 2016

My injury set me back 4 years. Mike was there when I needed him most or when I just needed to talk. He reassured me through my entire injury that everything was going to be okay. He was very responsive and always returned my calls in a timely manner. Mike and Crystal were absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend Sabbath Law to whomever needs legal help. Thank you Mike!

Personal Injury Representation
March 2, 2018

Michael was very professional, but beyond that he cared about my case, and about me. He listens to your needs and tells you exactly what he can or cannot do, there is no guesswork. I highly recommend his services to anyone.

Legal Services
March 2, 2018

In May 2014 I was injured in a car accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury. In addition to trying to deal with my recovery, I was also trying to deal with the many bills I incurred due to someone else’s negligence. After a very stressful conversation with a bill collector, I decided I needed help dealing with this situation. I contacted Attorney Michael Sabbeth and have been grateful ever since. I didn’t have to talk to any more insurance companies or bill collectors! Attorney Sabbeth took care of everything for me, while always keeping me well informed. He frequently called to check on my progress and to give me updates on my case. During the settlement discussions, Attorney Sabbeth fought hard for me, forcing the other driver’s insurance company to compensate me for my many losses, both current & future. Attorney Sabbeth made a horrible situation much easier, and I will always be grateful for his support, his kindness, and his absolutely brilliant negotiation skills. He is a very skilled attorney and if I ever need legal representation again, I would positively want Attorney Michael Sabbeth to represent me.

Personal Injury Services
March 2, 2018

I really appreciated all the kindness, professionalism, and help with me case. I want to thank especially Michael and Crystal for helping me obtain a just settlement.

Carol Lewis
Legal Services
February 3, 2018

This is one of the greatest group of lawyers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I would strongly recommend them to anybody. There communication was great. They were always there to help me and kept me in the loop throughout my entire process. They were very sensitive to all my needs, situation, and circumstances. It was like working with a direct family member. I really felt comfortable and at home with Sabbeth Law. I feel like I didn’t just find a great lawyer, but made some great friends. Thank you guys for all your above and beyond help. I hope to never be in an accident like I experienced, but at least if I do, I know I have a great group of individuals that have my back and will stand by my side through it all!

Jeremiah Lachapelle
Personal Injury Representation
November 21, 2017

Michael, Crystal and the entire team work incredibly hard and are dedicated not only to the law but the people they represent.

Jenny LaCourse
Legal Services
October 27, 2017

Sabbeth Law is like going to a professional family member. Michael, Crystal, Victoria and David were always available to answer my questions and to ease my mind. I have total and complete faith with these people. I know that after my case is closed they will still continue to have my back So to speak. They worked very hard for me. I would recommend anyone to hire them.

Personal Injury Representation
October 20, 2017

They are Exceptional! ! They are there for you day and night if you need them and truly care about you and your needs.
Thank you Michael and Crystal

Holly Thomas
Personal Injury Representation
October 19, 2017

Michael and his staff are very knowledgeable and walked us through the process with ease. Once I got over my fear and mistrust of lawyers in general I felt completely at ease in their care and confident that they genuinely had my best interest in mind. I’m a very satisfied customer.

Lisa W.
Personal Injury Services
July 12, 2017

Michael is very thorough and has made this all very easy and stress-free. I haven’t had to deal with workman’s comp or any of the other bs that has been going on.

Shannon B.
Legal Services
April 14, 2017

Michael made sure I understood everything, answered all questions I had. If I couldn’t come to his office he would come to me which meant a lot to me. A very caring person which made you feel confident in his ability.

Anne Holloway
Legal Services
February 18, 2017

I was very pleased with working with Michael and Crystal. They are very professional yet understanding and helpful. They show that they really care about the people they work with and I would recommend this law firm to anyone.

Kaitlyn Messier
Personal Injury Representation
January 28, 2017

Mike and Crystal are very understanding and patient people to work with. In fact, Mike and his team members are persistent insofar as seeking a settlement and kept my wife and I well informed. Furthermore, it has been a please to work with a conscientious and knowledgeable professional such as Mike. If needed, Mike will be the first person I will contact if I require legal advice.

Paul Rau
Legal Services
September 27, 2016

After calling Mike Sabbeth he and his team they have taken care of dealing with workers comp and have gotten rid of the headaches of trying to navigate the system myself. Thank you

Russ G.
Workman’s Compensation Claim
September 11, 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to truly thank Michael Sabbeth and Crystal Honkala of Sabbeth Law. After determining this summer that we needed a lawyer, I knew exactly who to call. I’ve often consulted Mike about rights and wrongs over the past couple of years, and I know what an honest and hard-working man he is.

After listening to the details of our case, he gathered all of our information and passed it along to Crystal. They then worked together on moving quickly and taking care of our case outside of the courtroom. They were always sure to efficiently relay updates and answer any questions we had about the case.

We are so thankful, they turned what could have been an awful situation for us into a dream. We never felt like a bother, they ultimately took care of everything for us.

If we ever find ourselves needing a lawyer again, I would absolutely choose Sabbeth Law. The effort always given by both Mike and Crystal is insurmountable. Thank you both so much for all of your help and hard work in our case!

Reajeanna Roy-Rogers
Shawn Rogers

Jeanna Roy-Rogers
Legal Representation
August 23, 2016

I can’t say enough about this guy. Honest, hardworking, and loyal!!

Tom Britt
Legal Services
August 20, 2016

So easy to work with. Very friendly and easy going.

Tom Peplinski
Legal Services
August 12, 2016