Should I Get a Lawyer for Workers’ Compensation?

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Workers’ compensation benefits both employers and employees. When an employee is injured on the job, they file a claim against their employer’s insurance and, ideally, the insurance company covers their medical expenses and a percentage of their lost wages.

As a tradeoff for this system, employers enjoy immunity from tort or personal injury lawsuits even when their own negligence is to blame for an accident. Both parties benefit.

On the other hand, they are not the only two parties involved. The insurance company, as a third party that pays out the claim, can deny a workers’ compensation claim. All they need to do is establish legal grounds. Now, this puts you as the worker in an awkward position. You can either accept their denial or you can appeal the decision and fight it.

The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Sabbeth Law represent injured workers in the states of New Hampshire and Vermont who have unfairly had their claims denied. We build your case, appeal the decision, and ensure that you are compensated fairly for your injuries.

When Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Workers’ Compensation Case?

  • When your claim is denied. Let’s handle the obvious first. If you have submitted what you consider to be a valid claim to your employer and their insurance company has denied the claim, then you should consider hiring an attorney immediately. First of all, the insurance company only evaluates fault to the extent that you were or were not drunk or high during the accident. Your employer can be 100% responsible for your injuries and the insurance company will claim they are not liable. The system covers your employer, so you can’t directly sue them. You must battle the insurance company to get your owed compensation under the law.

But that isn’t the only time that you want to hire an attorney. Insurance companies won’t just deny claims. They, in cases where they have no legal means of denying a claim, will devalue the claim instead. In other words, they will give you significantly less money than you’re owed.

  • When you have sustained serious injuries. If you have sustained very serious injuries that will require you to miss a significant amount of time to work, you want to involve a lawyer early in the process. We can help you recover the full value of your claim and ensure that the insurance company doesn’t shortchange you.
  • When you have repetitive stress injuries. Repetitive stress injuries are very difficult to pin a cause on. For that reason, your attorney must prove that your primary work-related duties caused your injury. Without an attorney, your claim will likely be denied with the insurance company saying it wasn’t a result of your work.

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