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“I Like to Shoot, and I Like to Kill, So When You Cross the Line, Please Stand Still”


Robert Duvall always had muscle looking out for him when he played the character, Tom Hagen, who helped run the Corleone Crime Family in the movie classic, “The Godfather.”  Now he has muscle looking out for him as he enjoys hid golden years in his rural Virginia digs.  Except, this muscle might appear a little less menacing than Luca Brasi.

Our Kind of Neighbor

When someone tried to fly a drone over his property, Mr. Duvall’s neighbor, 65 year-old Jennifer Youngman, took matters (and a shotgun) into her own hands.  While cleaning her guns on her front porch, she noticed a drone fly over her property and assumed it was heading to Mr. Duvall’s to take video.  After a moment’s contemplation, she grabbed her shotgun and blew the drone out of the sky.  As the drone’s owners appeared to investigate where their drone went, they happened upon Ms. Youngman, shotgun in hand, and reversed course, not to be heard from again.

As a Vermont and New Hampshire Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, I’m not sure what the law might have to say on this.  But sometimes, that’s half the fun.

What do you think?  Was she right to blast that drone out of the sky?  I know I can think of a lot of arguments in either direction.  (Plus, how can you not love Ms. Youngman??).

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