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How Do You Hire the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Lebanon, NH?

Tips to Hire the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Lebanon

If you’re facing injuries from an accident in Lebanon, New Hampshire, money may be on your mind. After all, treating a serious injury is not cheap. Depending on the type of injury and its severity, you could be looking at a six-figure medical bill. Recovering compensation should definitely be on your mind. You probably wonder how you can hire the best personal injury lawyer in Lebanon.

Whether your injuries came from a car accident, premises liability case, medical malpractice case or another type of accident, you will need the help. A personal injury lawyer will help you obtain the compensation you deserve. But as you do your research, you’ll notice that there are hundreds of lawyers in your area alone. How do you choose the right one to take on your case? Here are things to keep in mind as you go through the hiring process.hire the best personal injury lawyer in Lebanon, NH

Check Ratings and Reviews

The first thing you should do is check the ratings and reviews of lawyers in your area. You can search the local bar association, Google reviews, and other legal websites to find suitable personal injury lawyers in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Many law firm websites will also have testimonials, so you can check those out as well.

While doing your research, check out each lawyer’s areas of specialization. Make sure your particular case would fall under those specialties. If you feel the lawyer may be a good fit, then schedule a time to meet with them. In person, you can learn more about whether or not they can help you.

Interview Several Lawyers

You have likely gone on numerous job interviews in your lifetime. Now’s your chance to turn the tables and be the interviewer. Most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations, so this is your opportunity to do some research. Consult with at least several lawyers so you can get a feel for their personalities and successes.

Ask questions about their experience, track records, skills, certifications, and fees. You should also get an idea of how he or she will communicate with you throughout the case, as this is important. Once you have interviewed several potential matches, ask yourself which lawyer is most compatible based on the factors that are important to you. Remember, you will be working with the lawyer you choose for many months or maybe even years, so there should be a high degree of comfort.

First Impressions Count

Lebanon personal injury attorneyWhen you called the office to make an appointment, were you treated politely? Did the receptionist have to place you on hold for a long time? Were you able to make an appointment with the actual attorney, or was it a paralegal or other assistant? If the lawyer cannot meet with you personally, that sends the impression that you’re not worthy of his or her time. If you hire this person, you will never be a priority.

Professionalism is also important. Was the office clean and well-organized, or was it cluttered and unprofessional? How was the lawyer’s appearance? These are all things you need to consider because if the lawyer and the office is giving off bad impressions, that will reflect poorly on your case, and you need to look elsewhere.

Communication is Key

Some lawyers give clients weekly updates. Some clients don’t hear from their lawyers at all unless they initiate communication. Since legal cases often have strict deadlines, you have a right to know what is going on at all times. Whether you’re simply waiting for something or an important development has happened, you shouldn’t be the last to know. You should definitely know if the insurance company makes an offer. And of course, the lawyer should consult with you before settling.

Ask the lawyer about his or her communication protocols and how often you can expect to hear from the firm. After all, legal help is not cheap and you want to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Ask About Trial Experience

Ask when the last time the attorney was in trial. While a lawyer who rarely goes court could be an excellent negotiator, the more likely reason is that he or she doesn’t like to go to trial and instead settles cases outside of court for less than they are worth.

This does not bode well for you. As an accident victim, you want to recover as much compensation as possible so you can pay for your economic and emotional damages. A lawyer who does not want to go court and would rather settle for less is incompetent. In addition, they are not concerned with your best interests. Find an aggressive lawyer who takes cases to trial often—and wins big.

Ask About Workload

It can be concerning if your lawyer has only a few cases going on and is struggling to find work. However, you should also avoid a lawyer who seems overloaded. Many lawyers take on cases in bulk and then spend their time trying to negotiate settlements with insurance companies. If your lawyer does this, you can be sure that your case won’t get the attention it deserves. To a lawyer like this, you are nothing but a number. This lawyer looks at your case and sees only dollar signs. Find a lawyer who can invest a significant amount of time in your case and isn’t worried or bothered by a possible trial.

Ask About a Timeline

Every case is different. Even an experienced personal injury lawyer cannot give you an exact settlement date. However, still ask how long your case will take to resolve. If the period given seems much shorter or longer than expected, that could be a red flag. If the lawyer gives you a date just a couple months away, he or she may expect to settle without the potential of a trial in mind. If your case is fairly basic, but your lawyer expects several years for resolution, that is also concerning. Ask for specifics so you know what goals and outcome your lawyer has in mind. Then, make sure it matches your expected goals and outcome.

Call a Lebanon, New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorney Today

After a serious injury, medical attention should be on your mind. Once you’re in recovery, call a Lebanon, New Hampshire personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys help clients like you obtain fair compensation for their injuries. Contact our office at (833)-SABBETH to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.