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Six Steps to Take After a Car Accident in New Hampshire

A car crash can be a scary situation. Your car may be totaled. You or your passengers may have injuries. On top of that, emotions tend to run high and you may be very angry.

If you have never been in a car accident before, you may be unsure of the proper protocol. What do you do? Do you call anyone? Should you move your vehicle? What happens next?

Being overly stressed or upset isn’t going to help, so the first thing you should do after a car accident is calm down and follow these six steps.

Pull Over if You Can

You should never leave the scene of an accident, as this is a hit and run and can mean felony charges if someone was injured or killed. However, as a courtesy to other motorists, you should move off the street and onto the side of the road, if possible. If your vehicle is inoperable, at the very least put on your hazard lights to warn others. Once you have pulled over, never leave your vehicle until it is safe to do so.

Check for Injuries

Accidents often lead to injuries, so check to see if you or your passengers suffered injuries. If so, call 911. You should check on the other parties involved in the accident, even if they are at fault. Making sure others are OK will not affect your fault in any way.

Exchange Information

As a next step, you’ll want to exchange information with the other parties involved. Make sure you get their names, insurance information, driver’s license information and license plate number. You’ll need this information for your insurance company when you file a claim.

Get a Police Report

Even if there were no injuries, a police report can provide solid evidence for your insurance company. A police officer can document the scene and determine liability. If the police cannot come to the accident scene, go to a police station. Without a report, it’s your word against the other person’s, and this can cause people to be dishonest.

Document the Accident

Take notes on the location, who was there and list any witnesses and contact information. Write down identifying information of any police officers at the scene and get a copy of the police report. Take photos the vehicle damage, your injuries and general location of the accident.

Call Your Auto Insurance Company

Call your agent and let him or her know that you were in an accident. You’ll get help with the next steps.

Contact a New Hampshire Car Accident Lawyer Today

Car accidents can be complicated, as there are often many elements involved. You may be dealing with vehicle damage and serious injuries, both which can be expensive.

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