Injured in a Motorcycle Accident in Vermont or New Hampshire? We Can Help.

At Sabbeth Law, we have a healthy respect and understanding of motorcycle riders.  The short warm seasons in Vermont mean that thousands of riders have a precious few months to really enjoy getting out on their bikes, whether just to ride to work, around the corner, or take a cruise or long trip.  Unfortunately, not everyone shares that level of respect for riders.

For any number of bogus reasons, sometimes officers or members of the public will harbor a bias against motorcycle riders and assume they’re at fault when involved in a collision. Contrary to these biases, any motorcycle rider knows that a motorcycle rider is typically the most careful driver on the road, because they have the most to lose – as their bodies are totally exposed without the benefit a steel cage and seatbelt that a car or truck provides — should someone cause a collision.


We at Sabbeth Law are intimately aware of the sometimes tragic outcomes that often accompany motorcycle crashes at any speed, even when the rider or passenger is kitted out with full protective gear.  These are some of the most heartbreaking cases we have handled.

We have also handled many motorcycle collisions where the physical injuries were, quite fortunately, not so severe, but the psychological effects that remain caused significant barriers in the rider’s life, often leading them to quit riding all together.

One truth that applies universally to all motorcycle collision cases equally is that they’re all unique. And so, at Sabbeth Law, we examine each case individually and make sure to tell the injured rider’s story in a way that people who don’t ride can relate to.  In fact, this is often the most difficult part of presenting a Vermont motorcycle case.  Our ability and dedication to be able to make that connection, to present our client’s case in a way an insurance company, mediator, or jury will relate to, is a skill we pride ourselves on as it’s a duty we truly believe in and take to heart.

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