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Top-Rated Truck Accident Attorneys Fighting for the Rights of Victims in Vermont and New Hampshire

When you need the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer, you turn to Sabbeth Law. We’ll fight for you and get you the compensation we know you deserve. As a full-service personal injury law firm with experience handling a wide range of accidents, we focus on commercial truck accidents and catastrophic injury claims.

Accidents involving semi-trucks, 18 wheelers, or “big rigs” are simply not the same as your standard car accident. In a crash like this, you need an attorney who knows how to navigate the case. Otherwise, you may be left without the settlement or judgment you truly deserve. Call our Vermont truck accident attorneys today for a free, fully confidential initial consultation.

    • We’ve Recovered Millions of Dollars for Truck Accident Victims. Injuries from truck accidents can severely alter your life. We will hold the guilty parties responsible.
    • Truck Accident Experts. The team at Sabbeth Law are experienced and expert truck accident lawyers. We know what it takes to earn a fair settlement or judgment.
    • We Won’t Hesitate to Go to Trial. We’ve proven ourselves at trial numerous times, and we’ll do the same for your case if we have to.
    • We’ll Review Your Case for Free. If we take you on as a client, you won’t pay anything unless we recover money for you.
    • We Will Fight to Ensure Insurance Companies Treat You Fairly. Dealing with insurance companies is a huge hassle. Let us worry about that while you focus on getting better.

Truck Accident Attorney Michael Sabbeth understands the devastation caused by these serious crashes. He and his team are specially trained and have extensive experience dealing with the complicated nature of truck crash cases.

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    How Do Truck Accidents Happen in Vermont?

    In some cases, the driver of a car is at fault, but this isn’t always true.

    18-wheelers are massive machines, and they require special training for operation. Though truck drivers have extensive training, they still make mistakes, especially when facing the many pressures that come with the job.

    Some common reasons a truck accident might happen in Vermont include:

        • Inadequate or Improper Training: Failing to teach drivers proper driving techniques, the importance of defensive driving, or the most important safety concerns can lead directly to a crash.
        • Compensation: It can encourage drivers to speed or drive for hours on end without rest. They are striving to meet deadlines and that can put you at risk.
        • Unrealistic Expectations from Trucking Companies: Again, this can encourage drivers to hurry, neglecting basic safety training and leading to serious crashes.

    Truck Crashes and Car Crashes Are NOT the Same

    When a crash involves a vehicle that can weigh as much as 40 tons (80,000 pounds), there are going to be more serious injuries than a crash with just passenger vehicles.

    There’s a lot to consider when pursuing compensation after a truck crash that leaves you injured:

        • Insurance: A truck crash will typically involve multiple insurance companies. This makes the issue more complex, and your attorney must be ready for this during your case.
        • Regulations and Rules: Truck Companies and Truckers are subject to various rules and regulations put in place by the state of Vermont and the nation as a whole.
        • CDL Considerations: Drivers should have a CDL to drive a heavy truck – this leads to other implications for your case.

    To sum it up, it’s imperative that you find an attorney who knows specifically how to navigate a truck crash case. Sabbeth Law has experience in these cases, and we focus on ongoing training to stay on top of the latest developments in truck crash cases.

    Truck Crash Statistics in Vermont

    Vermont Truck Accident Stats

    Truck crashes are an unfortunate reality in Vermont – between 2013 and 2018, there were nearly 4,500 crashes involving heavy trucks. Of these, 547 were “injury” crashes, a fairly high ratio. It’s clear that these are serious incidents in our state. In addition, there were nearly 50 fatal accidents involving heavy trucks during this period. This shows the devastation that a truck crash can cause.

    An Overview of Truck Accident Liability in Vermont

    Tractor-trailer accident claims are fault-based legal cases. Under Vermont law (Vt. Stat. Ann. Tit. 12, § 1036), truck accident injury claims are subject to the state’s comparative negligence legal standard. In effect, this means that each party to a truck accident will be held liable for their “share” of the blame. If a trucking company is 100 percent responsible for a crash, then it is liable for 100 percent of the victim’s damages. If you are deemed partially liable for your own collision, your compensation may be reduced. For this reason, a proactive and comprehensive investigation of a truck accident is a must. You need evidence to prove fault. Some common reasons why truck drivers and truck companies are held liable include:

    • Speeding;
    • Unsafe lane changes;
    • Distracted driving;
    • Intoxicated driving;
    • Overly fatigued drivers;
    • Untrained or undertrained drivers;
    • Improperly loaded cargo in the trailer; and
    • Failure to adequately inspect or maintain the truck.

    Note: Although large trucks are subject to federal rules and regulations, truck accident claims generally fall under state law. The truck accident laws in VT and NH share many important commonalities. At the same time, there are also some notable differences. With deep knowledge and understanding of New Hampshire law, we represent victims in both jurisdictions. Call our New Hampshire truck accident attorneys today for a free, fully confidential review of your case.

    You and Your Family Deserve Financial Compensation After a Truck Accident

    Following a large truck accident, you and your family need money to pay your bills. Through a personal injury claim, truck accident victims can hold a negligent company/insurer liable for both economic & non-economic damages. Unfortunately, the reality is often more complicated. Big truck companies and their commercial insurance providers always try to get a step ahead of injured victims. They fight to pay out as little as possible. At Sabbeth Law, our Vermont truck accident attorneys were built for serious injury cases. We have a record of obtaining seven and eight-figure settlement and verdict for our clients. You may be eligible to recover financial compensation for:

    • Auto repairs or vehicle replacement;
    • Emergency medical services;
    • Hospital bills and other medical expenses;
    • Rehabilitative care;
    • Loss of current and future wages;
    • Pain and suffering;
    • Long-term disability;
    • Permanent physical impairment; and
    • Wrongful death damages.

    Why Hire the Vermont Truck Accident Injury Attorneys at Sabbeth Law

    We have deep experience handling truck accident claims and commercial vehicle accident claims. The VT and NH truck accident lawyers at Sabbeth Law are members of both the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA), the American Association of Justice Trucking (AAJ) Litigation Group, and was selected as honored as “Top Trucking Accident Lawyers” by the National Trial Lawyers. When you call our White River Junction office, you will consult with a Vermont truck accident injury attorney who will:

    Get to the scene of the accident immediately—always focused on beating the insurance company there;
    Review your case, answer your questions, and explain the truck accident injury claims process during a free consultation; and
    Take your truck accident injury claims as far as is necessary to get you and your family justice, accountability, and full financial support.

    The big trucking companies are represented by aggressive commercial insurance carriers. Insurers are focused on protecting their own bottom line. Our Vermont truck accident lawyers will put in the time, resources, and personal attention to ensure that and your family receive the highest quality of legal representation.

    Sabbeth Law is a Full-Service Personal Injury Law Firm

    Beyond handling tractor-trailer accident claims and other types of commercial vehicle accident claims, our Vermont attorneys excel in handling the full range of personal injury cases. Along with other types of cases, we are prepared to assist you with;

    • Car accidents;
    • Motorcycle accidents;
    • Pedestrian accidents;
    • Premises liability and slip & fall accidents;
    • Workers’ compensation cases;
    • Dangerous & defective products;
    • Medical malpractice claims; and
    • Wrongful death lawsuits.

    Call Our Vermont Truck Accident Attorneys for a Free Consultation

    At Sabbeth Law, our Vermont truck accident lawyers fight aggressively to protect the rights of injured victims and their families. If you or someone you know was hurt in a commercial trucking accident, we are here to help you get justice and compensation. To schedule your free, no-obligation case evaluation, please call us or contact us online. With an office in White River Junction, we advocate for the interests of truck accident victims throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

    What Do Other Attorneys Say About Sabbeth Law?

    Mike is the real deal….

    “I work with lawyers all over the Country in cases involving truck crashes. I just got done working with Mike Sabbeth on a major truck crash injury case in Vermont and I have to tell you that he is the real deal. Mike cares about his clients to a level that is truly rare and this caring permeates cases. Mike is a great lawyer and even better human being. I highly recommend him. “


    Joe Fried Board Certified Truck Accident Attorney (National Board of Trial Advocacy) Founder Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys Past Chair AAJ Trucking Litigation Group Past President NTL Trucking Trial Lawyers Association
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