How to keep your iPhone and iPad from sharing your personal and financial information (by Wired)

Posted by: Nov 11, 2017Articles & Advice


One of the hardest (and most important) places to stay safe is on the internet. Most of us have loads of personal and financial information on us in our smartphones at all times. If you use an iPad or iPhone, the problem your default (factory standard) settings is that they probably allow a little too much of your information out into the public.  However, the fix is easy and takes just minutes.

Wired Magazine is a tech savvy publication that somehow manages to stay on the forefront of the every evolving tech landscape.  Click the link below for a 2+ minute video they produced that lays it out straight forward and simple.  Within 5 minutes, you should have your iPad and iPhone running safely.

Wired on changing your iOS Security Settings

Stay safe out there!

 – The Vermont and New Hampshire Personal Injury Lawyers and Team at Sabbeth Law