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Hiring a Lawyer after a Slip and Fall

Have you been injured by falling in a store, restaurant or other business – or, as we often see during winter in New England, in an icy entrance to a business? Did you slip and fall on a private residence, suffering injuries as a result?

If so, you are not alone. Slips, trips, and falls, are one of the most common types of accidents in the United States. According to information provided by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), slip and fall injuries result in around one million emergency room trips each year.

All property owners in Vermont and New Hampshire have a responsibility to keep their premises in reasonably safe conditions for guests. Trip and slip hazards should be identified and removed.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident or trip and fall accident, you might be entitled to compensation for damages. However, you will need a skilled premises liability lawyer in your corner.

At Sabbeth Law, we want to make sure you know how to find the right lawyer for you. Here, we offer some important tips for finding the best personal injury attorney to represent you in a slip and fall accident case.


Hiring a Lawyer after a Slip and Fall

1. Start By Gathering Evidence on Your Own

You do not have to hire your own investigator and collect all evidence on your own. An experienced personal injury lawyer will help you gather and organize all of the evidence that you need to build a strong and persuasive legal claim.

That being said, it is a good idea to gather some relevant information immediately after falling. Among other things, you should get the following information:

  • The location of the fall
  • The hazard that caused you to fall
  • The date and time of the injury
  • Where you went for medical treatment
  • A picture of the hazard (if possible)

Any lawyer you meet with will find this information helpful for analyzing whether you have a valid legal claim to pursue. If you are too injured to collect this information, ask someone to help you. The more evidence that you have in your possession, the easier it will be to make a winning legal argument.

2. Schedule a Free Consultation with a Lawyer

At Sabbeth Law, we offer all potential clients a free consultation and case review. The purpose of the meeting is to allow you to ask any questions you like so that you can make an informed decision about whether to hire us. We will also ask questions about the surrounding facts and circumstances to better understand whether you have a valid legal claim or whether we need more information.

Our consultations are confidential and risk-free. You only need to sign an engagement letter after agreeing to hire us. We encourage all injured victims to set up a free case evaluation before hiring a lawyer. During your free consultation, you can get the information that you need to determine if a slip and fall accident lawyer is actually the right fit for your case.

3. Ask about the Lawyer’s Experience

A lawyer’s website should have some basic information, such as where they went to law school and when they started practicing law. For these reasons, focus more on the experience the lawyer has with slip and fall or trip and fall cases. Some lawyers focus mostly on divorce or criminal cases and do premises liability work on the side. Ideally, you will find someone who has handled many cases like your own. Ask the following:

  • How many slip and fall cases have you handled in the last year? The last 5 years?
  • How much of your practice becomes devoted to personal injury cases?
  • Have you ever sued the company or store where I was injured?
  • What information do I need that I don’t yet have?

You should not hesitate to ask any of the questions that are on your mind. You deserve full information about a personal injury lawyer’s background, their style, and their experience handling slip and fall accident cases before you make your final decision.

4. Discuss Communication Styles

Legal claims don’t settle quickly. You might need to make a claim on the defendant’s insurance company and even file a lawsuit in court, all of which can take over a year. You will definitely want to be updated about what is happening, so ask how the lawyer likes to communicate. Beyond hiring a lawyer who has a proven record of successful handling slip and fall accident claims, you need a legal representative who you are comfortable working with on a long-term basis.

Some lawyers prefer talking on the phone while others prefer email. Find a lawyer whose communication style fits your own.

5. Analyze whether the Lawyer was a “Good Fit”

After meeting for your consultation, look over your notes. Also, consider how comfortable you felt with the lawyer. Did he or she explain things in a way you could understand? Were you too scared to ask a question? Did he or she make sure to ask if you had any questions?  This aspect is so important to the attorney-client relationship but is ignored by many lawyers.

You’ll only be able to participate effectively in your case if you understand what is going on. A lawyer who uses big words or doesn’t take the time to make sure you understand your own case probably isn’t a good fit.


At Sabbeth Law, our Vermont premises liability attorneys are driven by compassion and we are measured by success. Our law firm fights aggressively to help injured victims obtain the maximum financial compensation. We will start by conducting a comprehensive review of your case, taking the time to explain your options to you and answer all of your questions.

From there, our team will work to gather all relevant evidence to build the strongest legal claim and we will fight to hold the negligent property owner and their insurance company accountable.


Following a serious slip and fall accident, you may be dealing with considerable medical expenses and lost wages. The absolute last thing you need is another bill hitting your mailbox. Many injured victims are understandably worried about the cost of obtaining professional legal representation. Can you really afford to hire the best lawyer?

With Sabbeth Law, the answer is always ‘yes’. Our skilled personal injury attorneys handle slip and fall accident claims on contingency. That means that there are no upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses for you. We only get paid when we win your case.

Injured in a Fall? The Vermont Slip and Fall Lawyers at Sabbeth Law are Here to Help

Slip and fall accidents can leave victims with thousands of dollars in medical expenses and lost wages. Fortunately, you can receive compensation if the property owner was negligent in how they maintained their property and that negligence caused your injury. Schedule your free consultation to start the process with us today.

Don’t delay. Vermont gives injured victims only three years from the date of the injury to bring a lawsuit.