Fatal Accidents Don’t Have to Happen. Be Responsible.

Posted by: Jun 03, 2016Sabbeth Law Blog

This is a truly heart-wrenching story about a fatal accident involving an apparently drunken driver driving the wrong way on I-89 near the Connecticut River when he plowed into into a vehicle driven by Ellynn Koelsch of Rhode Island, and her 4 year old son. Ms. Koelsch was killed, and her son injured.

Some tragedies don’t have to happen. This is an example of one such tragedy.

At Sabbeth Law, we have witnessed the irreparable damage done to families in such cases, having been involved in litigating an all too similar case resulting in deaths on I-89. The toll these tragedies leave behind on family and friends are truly immeasurable and permanent.

If you don’t think you should be behind the wheel, don’t guess. Don’t drive. If you’re with someone who you think shouldn’t be behind the wheel, do what you can to stop them from driving.

Apparently Uber has made it to the Upper Valley. (http://www.uberrideguide.com/West%20Lebanon-New%20Hampshire…)

and there’s also Big Yellow Taxi. (http://www.bigyellowtaxis.com/about_us)

So go out, have fun, and be prepared for alternative transport home.

Your decision can make all the difference in someone else’s life, their family’s, and your own. Make the right decision.

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