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At Sabbeth Law, our Rutland workers’ compensation attorneys are skilled, tireless advocates for injured workers and their families. Our mission is to protect your rights and help you recover the full and fair financial benefits that you rightfully deserve. If you or your loved one was hurt on the job in Rutland County, we are here to help you navigate the claims process. To set up a free consultation with a top-rated Vermont workers’ compensation lawyer, please contact us today. 

Workers’ Comp In Vermont: What You Need To Know

If you were hurt on the job in Vermont, you need to know your legal rights and how to effectively navigate the claims process. As an employee, you should be covered by Vermont’s workers’ compensation law. Here are five important things to know about workers’ comp claims in Rutland: 

  • Workers’ Comp Insurance is Mandatory: In Vermont, employers are generally required to provide workers’ comp insurance coverage to all staff members, including part-time employees. If you are working for a company or organization in Rutland, you are entitled to workers’ compensation insurance coverage. In the unfortunate event that you are injured or made ill at work, you have the right to file a claim. 
  • Claims are ‘No-Fault’: One of the key things to understand about workers’ comp claims in Vermont is that benefits are paid on a ‘no-fault’ basis. With other types of personal injury cases, you generally need to prove ‘fault’ to be eligible for compensation. However, with a workers’ comp case, you are not required to prove that your employer did anything wrong. Instead, you simply need to establish that you suffered a real injury while working. 
  • You Must Notify Your Employer: Under Vermont state law, workers have both rights and responsibilities. Your primary responsibility after a workplace accident is to notify your supervisor/employer. If you fail to tell your company that you were injured while on the job, you may not be able to get medical coverage or benefits for lost wages. Make sure you report your accident as soon as possible—and always within 30 days.  
  • Benefits are Available: Through a workers’ compensation claim in Rutland, you may be able to recover a wide range of different benefits. To start, you should get coverage for all medical care and rehabilitative treatment that you need related to your accident. Additionally, direct financial compensation should be paid to help make up for time you were forced to miss. These wage loss benefits are called ‘temporary disability benefits’ or ‘TTD benefits’. If you suffered a severe injury or permanent impairment, you may be entitled to additional compensation. You should always get help from a Rutland, VT workers’ comp lawyer if you suffered a permanent disability. 
  • You Can Appeal a Denial: Sadly, not all injured workers are able to get the full and fair financial benefits that they rightfully deserve under Vermont law. Neither your employer nor the insurance company gets to make the final decision on your case. You have the right to appeal a denial—but you need to act quickly. Our Rutland, VT workers’ compensation appeals lawyers are standing by, ready to get started on your case right away. 

How The Vermont Workers’ Compensation Attorneys At Sabbeth Law Can Help

A work injury can cause a dramatic disruption to your life. You need the maximum available workers’ comp benefits to pay your medical bills and cover lost wages. At Sabbeth Law, we are here to manage all aspects of your case. Among other things, our Rutland workers’ comp lawyers will: 

  • Answer your questions and explain your options during a free consultation; 
  • Gather the medical records and other information you need to move forward;
  • Handle all of the workers’ comp claims paperwork; and
  • Take proactive steps to help you overcome any hurdles in your path. 

We provide personalized workers’ compensation representation. You can always afford to hire our top-rated Rutland work injury lawyers. Our law firm handles claims on a contingency basis—there are no upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses for our clients. 

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At Sabbeth Law, our Vermont workers’ compensation attorneys have the professional skills and legal expertise that you can rely on. Were you injured on the job in Rutland? We can help. For a no cost, no obligation initial consultation, please contact us today. We represent injured workers throughout Rutland County, including in Rutland, Brandon, Castleton, Fair Haven, Clarendon, Proctor, Poultney, West Rutland, and Wallingford. 

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