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Each year, hundreds of people are injured on the job in Vermont. Some of them can quickly recover without missing too much work, while others are permanently disabled. No one who has suffered a workplace injury is ever the same again.

At Sabbeth Law, our injured clients are our top priority. We can use our skill and experience to guide you through the workers’ compensation system to make a claim so you can continue to provide for yourself and your family. We have represented people injured at small Mom and Pop stores or in some of Hartford’s largest employers. Contact us today.

How Workers are Injured

Any worker in White River Junction could be injured on the job, either in an accident or as the result of unsafe work conditions. We have experience helping those injured because of:

  • Construction accidents
  • Delivery accidents
  • Toxic exposure to dangerous chemicals or substances
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Workplace violence
  • Unsafe work conditions or equipment
  • Safety lapses

Injuries range from relatively minor injuries that might require a few weeks rest to life-altering permanent disabilities. Some workers even die due to workplace accidents or occupational illnesses.

Your Right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits


The workers’ compensation system was designed to replace the old tort system where workers had to sue their employers in court and prove fault before they could receive any compensation. This system did not work well for anybody. Today, the workers’ compensation system is no-fault, meaning it does not matter who is to blame for the accident that resulted in an injury. A no-fault system is generally easier to administer and gets benefits in the hands of workers much faster.

However, you must be injured while in the course of performing work duties to qualify for benefits. This does not necessarily mean you must be at work when you are hurt. If you travel as part of your job or run errands for your boss, you could be injured far from your jobsite but still qualify for benefits.

Because workers’ compensation is no-fault, injured workers do not have to go through lengthy court proceedings to get the compensation they need. In Vermont, an injured worker should qualify for:

  • All reasonably necessary medical care, including surgery, hospital stays, prescription drugs, and rehabilitation
  • Partial wage replacement if the injury keeps the worker away from work
  • Vocational benefits
  • Death benefit, if a loved one died
  • Payment for any permanent impairment sustained as a result of the injury

Employers often do a poor job of explaining what benefits workers are entitled to, so speak to a Hartford workers’ compensation lawyer for more information.

Myths about Workers’ Compensation Benefits

As seasoned attorneys, we hear all the time myths about the workers’ compensation, such as:

  • You can’t pick your doctor. Not true! Although you might need to meet with a company doctor for the first visit, Vermont law allows you to pick your doctor after that.
  • Everyone is approved. Unfortunately, many insurers deny claims, and some employers are eager for claims to be denied so that their premiums do not increase. It is often difficult to figure out exactly why you are being denied benefits. To fight for what you are entitled to, you might need to go through a trial or bring an appeal.
  • You don’t need a lawyer. If any part of your claim has been denied, or if you are confused about the process, then a lawyer is a big help. When you are injured and feeling stress, it can be reassuring to have a seasoned White River Junction workers’ compensation lawyer in your corner.
  • Your employer is looking out for you. Many employers fight claims. We don’t want to generalize, but an injured worker should assume that they need to assemble a team around them that is looking out for their best interests.

To answer any questions you have, we offer a free consultation where we can discuss your rights.

What to Do after an Accident

This is a confusing time, and we understand that. However, Vermont is clear that you should immediately report an accident to your employer. Any delay could hurt your claim. Within days of reporting the accident, your employer should forward your claim to their insurer. If there is any delay, you might need to submit the claim yourself. We encourage all injured workers to stay apprised of how their claim is advancing through the workers’ comp system.

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