Dogs are one of the most popular and loveable pets in New Hampshire, and anyone who goes to a public park will see countless people walking their dogs on a leash. Sadly, a man’s best friend can sometimes become aggressive, and dog bites can send someone to the hospital. This is never the fault of the dog. It’s the fault of the owner entrusted with keeping their dog and the people around it safe. 

It’s important to know that it isn’t always just dog bites that cause injuries. We have successfully handled many cases where a dog owner’s negligence has caused injury by running in the street (often causing vehicles to crash while trying to avoid the dog), or running onto other people’s property causing them to be injured while trying to remove the dog. 

After an attack or other injury caused by a pet owner’s negligence, call Sabbeth Law to discuss the incident with a New Hampshire Dog Bite Lawyer. We have substantial experience representing the injured against negligent dog owners and their insurance companies.

Why Dog Bites Are Serious

Even small dogs can cause serious, sometimes life-threatening, injuries to victims. Once bitten, you should immediately head to the hospital or at a minimum stop the bleeding and clean your wound. Many complications from bites can lead to permanent disability.


Once a large dog gets your arm or leg in its mouth, it might not let go. Many people suffer broken bones in a dog attack.


A dog’s teeth can cut into nerves, causing temporary or sometimes permanent damage. You might need surgery to repair a damaged nerve and live with a lifetime of pain.


If the dog bites into a major artery, uncontrollable bleeding could occur. You need to stop the bleeding immediately by applying pressure and having a doctor cauterize the wound. Puncture wounds from a dog’s teeth often cannot be stitched. 


Many dogs have dangerous germs in their saliva which can enter the bloodstream. You should watch your wounds in the days following a dog bite. If you see redness, pain, or puss, then go to the hospital because you could have an infection. An untreated infection from a dog bite can become life threatening. 


This is a deadly virus that requires a vaccine to prevent death.

Scarring and Disfigurement

Disfigurement. Serious attacks might require stitches (though puncture wounds often can’t be stitched) and skin grafts, which can disfigure a person, especially their face. We have seen heartbreaking cases of disfigurement from dog attacks that have proved devastating.


Violent attacks leave a mark on the victim’s mental health, and someone can suffer from PTSD following a dog attack. If you relive the attack or suffer intense anxiety around dogs or other triggers related to the attack, then you should tell your doctor.

We recommend going to the hospital soon after the attack so your doctor can provide appropriate treatment.

New Hampshire Dog Bite Statute

New Hampshire has passed a law specifically on dog bites, which can be found in section 466:19 of the New Hampshire General Statutes. The law states that a victim can sue the person who owns, keeps, or possesses the dog for any damage caused, such as any bodily injury but also damage to your domestic animals. This statute covers dog bites to humans.

There is an important exception included in the law, however. You can’t sue under the statute if you were trespassing or engaged in some other tort at the time. So if you broke into someone’s garage and were bitten by a dog inside, you can’t sue.

Still, this law provides important rights to victims. Even a dog attack on your pet is covered, and you can seek compensation.

Compensation for Dog Bites

Dog bites vary in severity. A small dog might only scratch your skin, while large dogs can maul a victim. We seek full compensation to cover all losses:

Medical care to treat your injuries. You might need stitches, antibiotics, skin grafts, nights in the hospital, and multiple doctor visits. Very serious injuries often require rehabilitation.

Lost income when you can’t work because of the dog bite.

Pain and suffering. Dog bites cause intense pain and inconvenience. Some people struggle with the emotional trauma of a dog attack, especially children. Some people with personal scarring that serves as a constant reminder of the attack, and can also cause insecurity about the victim’s appearance for a lifetime. This suffering deserves monetary compensation from the dog owner.

Many people are curious about how much their claim is worth. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average dog bite settlement in 2021 was $49,025. But that was just an average, and many people receive more or less than that. At Sabbeth Law, we take the time to truly understand the harms and losses that are specific to our clients, so that we can get them full and fair compensation for what matters to them. Consult an experienced New Hampshire dog bite lawyer to review how much you might receive.

What to Do After a Dog Attack

The first thing is to try to get to safety. Although some dogs might bite you once and run away, others could viciously attack you. Yell for help or get away from a dog by climbing on a table, for example.

Once safe, you should also report any dog bite to animal control or the police. They will make a record and should try to find the dog to be tested for rabies.

If possible, collect evidence about the attack. Get pictures of the dog or find out where it lives. If you were attacked in public, someone might need to follow the dog in a car until they locate the dog’s home. This can be the only way to learn of other dangers, such as disease, the dog bite might have exposed you to, as well as to the identity of the person whose negligence caused the attack or other injury.  

Of course, you should immediately seek medical treatment. Put your health first. A lawyer can help gather evidence if necessary.

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